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The brief

toot garook is a well established, independent lifestyle store based in Exeter. Having successfully been in business since 1995, founder Jude wanted to build on this further with an online store, selling nationwide. When Jude approached us, she already had a Shopify website but wanted it to better reflect her brand and be more user friendly, so we opted for a complete redesign and restructure.
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The branding & design direction

Originally from Australia, Jude named her shop after a Victoria beach resort, toot garook, which is an aboriginal word for ‘croaking of frogs’, hence the frog logo. The quirky name and logo were a perfect fit for the unique diversity of products the store offers so it was important to maintain and amplify this brand identity in the website design. The vibrant orange of the logo and storefront is prominently featured throughout the site to maintain continuity. The choice of font balances the quirkiness of the visual designs with a sense of sophistication.

The conclusion

Since we redesigned the website we’ve continued to work with Jude & the team, creating content for their social media and blog series as well as running various seasonal campaigns through paid advertising.

Key features

Showcasing Products: The website design focused on making toot garooks products shine by incorporating full-screen lifestyle images of popular product categories and an engaging customised banner.

Responsive and Mobile-First Design: The website was designed with a responsive and mobile-first approach, ensuring seamless shopping experiences for users on smartphones and tablets. The design adapts to different screen sizes, optimising the user experience across devices.

Streamlined Menus and Categories: To improve user experience, the menus, categories, and product listings were decluttered and streamlined. This addresses the challenge often faced by lifestyle stores with a wide range of products, ensuring ease of navigation and discovery for customers.
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