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toot garook

toot garook is a well established, independent lifestyle store based in Exeter. Having successfully been in business since 1995, founder Jude wanted to build on this further with an online store, selling nationwide.

Key Objectives

Build an Engaged Online Community

Develop and implement a social media strategy to create a loyal fan base, engaging with followers through interactive and relatable content that reflects the quirky and unique personality of the gift shop.

Increase Online Visibility and Sales

Utilise paid advertising to target conscious consumers, driving traffic to the gift shop's website and converting visits into sales. Focus on promoting the unique, handmade items sourced from independent brands.

Enhance Brand Identity and Awareness

Design a cohesive web presence that showcases the gift shop's distinctive offerings and values.

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Our main challenge was unifying the gift shop's diverse products into a cohesive, appealing brand. With an eclectic mix of collections which appeal to different audiences, we needed a thoughtful approach to present everything under one identity. Despite the differences, we believed the shared values would bring everything together, we established that toot's core audience shared a passion for championing independent makers, conscious consumerism & quirkiness. 

Our Solutions


40% Increase In Online Sales

Through a strategic blend of organic content and paid seasonal campaigns, we have consistently grown toot's online business over the past two years. 

17% Increase In Customer Retention

By sharing engaging content and retargeting campaigns, we have ensured that the brand remained at the forefront of the audience's minds.

90% Increase In Sales Via Social

Our efforts to progressively grow their online community have paid off, this underscores the impact of having an effective social media strategy.

16% Increase In Sales Via Search

We regularly optimise the website to enhance user experience and improve search engine optimisation so the website ranks higher on Google.

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Jude, toot garook

Liv & Chris have been a great asset to our business over the years! Beyond building us a great website, they are always coming up with fresh ideas for our social media content and advertising campaigns. This has made my lifestyle store stand out and we've actually seen consistent increase in online sales and in-store interest from this.

Website Redesign

We revamped the website to showcase their diverse products with a vibrant, colorful design that reflects the brand's personality. Easy navigation lets customers seamlessly explore each category. Our goal: create an engaging shopping experience that maximizes conversions by making it simple and enjoyable to find and buy products.

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We set the gift shop apart by using storytelling in social media and ads. By giving Jellycats distinct personalities and linking their stories to seasons and UK culture, we created engaging, shareable content that built a unique brand identity and resonated with our audience.

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Targeted Paid Advertising

We used targeted paid ads to attract new customers and boost conversion rates. By tapping into various interests and behaviors, we reached new audiences effectively. Retargeting campaigns re-engaged interested visitors, ensuring a steady flow of new customers and enhancing our ad performance.

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